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H. Saenz Jr., Inc.

U.S. Customs Broker

Laredo, TX / Brownsville, TX

H. Saenz, Jr., Inc will always endeavor to establish the highest standard of service for our customhouse brokerage firm. It will be our goal to build enduring and equitable relationships with our customers and employees within a safe and ethical working environment.


A quality policy by means of investment and innovations, we will always attempt to raise the standard of service within our office. The effort and determination of our well trained and motivated staff will always be directed toward or exceeding the expectations of our policy.


Our Services
U.S. Custom Broker North Bound
Mexican Broker Clearance South Bound
A.E.S. (Shipper Export Declaration)
Remote Filling Certification
Bonded Warehouse
Custom Tailored Programs


We make sure you are up to date on all the important information related to your shipments and documentation. Read the most current relevant news here:

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